Who We Are & What We Offer

Adopting the Practitioner/Consultant approach, GannonConsult has built an affiliation with a team of transportation professionals whose day jobs are in the field, and who lend their expertise to consultation and teaching on a variety of GannonConsult projects. Kate Young and Robert Prince are well known as confidential, trusted advisors with deep roots in the transportation sector and who are committed to building a diverse transportation workforce. Melissa Paradis designs and manages the marketing and industry engagement strategy for the GannonConsult Team.   

Our work begins with a conversation about the needs, goals, and an understanding of the current dynamics at play. We conduct listening sessions and needs assessments to understand the customer’s perspective on the project at hand. We then identify GannonConsult team members whose skills and experience match the project needs and craft a proposal for consideration.

Though we know the industry and understand the issues, we design for each customer’s specific needs. We formulate solutions that are informed by our deep industry knowledge and perspective and specifically address the needs and culture of the client’s organization.

Leaders often seek trusted advisors who will listen carefully, provide clear feedback, and help them to gain perspective on the issues at hand. Leaders expect confidentiality and straight talk. Global transportation leaders engage the GannonConsult team for advice and counsel.