What We Do

The GannonConsult Team ensures that all work is guided by the “Gain Perspective” principle in which a leader will find the opportunity to practice the skills of reflection and self-awareness, to strengthen interpersonal relationships, and to better understand the complexities of the industry through the practice of continuous learning.

GannonConsult offers six lines of business:

Facilitation of Partnering Sessions, Forums, and Retreats: 
Design of forums and retreats to facilitate difficult conversations, build strategy or forge partnerships for governing boards, staff, community, or industry partners. Demonstrated expertise in capital project partnering facilitation.

Individual Coaching and Consultation and Assessment: 
Short term, issue-specific or on-going coaching/consultation offered in-person or remotely.

Team Capacity Building / Executive Team Consultation: 
Focused consultation to encourage individual growth and enhance team dynamics to develop a stronger team.

Professional Development:Customized Training / Course Design: Design of professional development trainings that provide immediate impact and long-term results. Develop a company’s workforce development plan or targeted professional development program.

Leadership Study Groups: Issue-specific study groups that build a network / kitchen cabinet and enhance perspective on leadership topics for participants.

Research: Ensure theory, research, and “lessons learned” underpin the work to be done. Craft performance measures that can be tied to return-on-investment.

We are ready to help you develop your ideas, to help you gain perspective on the issues or recalibrate for the future.